Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Protein Skimmers-Pre Order

Royal Exclusiv Bubble-King Skimmers are totally different from all other skimmers. After three years of development, Royal Exclusiv has brought you a new sensational low-watt consumption efficiency that other skimmers in the market can't compete with. These skimmers have all been manufactured on highly accurate CNC-machines. All skimmers are made from Acrylic with a thickness of 4-6mm. Bubble plates and injection pans with conical counter bored holes for clear turbulence reduction are standard on all models. The Skimmer flotate cup is usable with one hand and because of CNC-lathed screw connections and a 2.5 mm silicone seal, it is totally sealed and salt-creep free. The height to remove the collection cup is only 20 mm. There's integrated discharge adjustment for perfect water height adjustment inside the skimmer, which gives total control.

Powered by the famous Red-Dragon pump with standard anti-lime bypass, titanium screws, nozzle and acoustic waves uncoupling system, there is no pump in the world that operates this quiet - only 46 db, and is hardly audible - and at the same time gives power and performance with only 38-78 watts. Super Low maintenance because the nozzle is the only attached part. With some of the highest rates of airflow injection, the Bubble King Skimmers cannot be outperformed!

Energy Efficient: 38-78 watt.
Turnover approx. 3000- 10.000 l/h
Air suction min. 1000 - 3.000 l/h
Height: 65cm All construction dimensions from 55 to 90 cm are possible.
Suitable for reef-tanks to 10,000 + liters