CO2 Regulator Deluxe - Dual Gauge with Solenoid

CO2 Regulator Deluxe - Dual Gauge with Solenoid
Item# co2rededugaw

Deluxe Dual gauged CO2 regulator assembly includes solenoid and fine adjust needle control.

CO2 Deluxe Regulator System:

Perfect for calcium reactor and Freshwater Plant CO2 injection applications - It can provide a consistent bubbling rate from as low as 10 bubbles / min and up. This is more than sufficient for most aquaristic applications.

Features: Most compact & sturdy construction Dual gauge pressure indicators Industrial-grade Precision Needle Valve Integrated 110V Solenoid (Magnetic) Electrical Valve Compatible with various sizes of US & Canada CO2 Cylinders (from 12 oz to 20-lb). 6-Month Prorated Warranty