Aqua UV 25 Watt 3/4" W/Wiper

Aqua UV 25 Watt 3/4"   W/Wiper
Item# saq-v2193

The Aqua Ultraviolet 25W UV Sterilizer is the premium choice for the water sterilization for aquariums up to 100 gallons or ponds up to 1200 gallons. For clarification, it will handle a pond up to 4000 gallons. When used as a sterilizer, it will control the amount of harmful bacteria in your aquarium/pond creating a healthier environment for your aquarium ecosystem. When using as a clarifier, it will clear ponds up to 4000 gallon size with 50% to 75% plant coverage.
* 25W UV Sterilizer Max Flow: 2000 gph as clarifier, 1200 gph as sterilizer
* Dimensions: 26.25" X 4" X 2.5"
* Inlet: 3/4" barb or FPT, Outlet: 3/4" barb or FPT
* Available in white only.
* Lightweight Unit- Weighs 5 lbs
Aqua UV Wiper:
Always the leader in technology, Aqua Ultraviolet sets the industry standard again with its optional wiper system. With a simple push-pull operation once a week, your sterilizer can run at the optimal efficiency allowing for maximum UV transmission which destroys harmful bacteria and protozoa along with unsightly algae.
* No disassembly required
* Wiper keeps UV working at optimal performance
* No harmful cleaning agents needed
* Highest quality stainless steel rod
* Can be used in saltwater applications
* Housing: Limited lifetime warranty on housing against Ultraviolet degradation