Marineland Penguin 100 W/BIO-Wheel

Marineland Penguin 100 W/BIO-Wheel
Item# SIPML-00100B

*Penguin 100 BIO-Wheel Power Filter

*Bigger, better, quieter than ever before
*Noise-reducing vented cover for quieter operation
*Two-piece filter hood for flip-top filter cartridge access
*Adjustable mid-level Intake attaches to the Intake extension tube to provide increased water circulation
*Extra media slots (Penguin 200 and 350) for adding an additional filter cartridge or refillable media cartridge for enhanced chemical filtration
*All Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filter deliver simple, easy, 3-stage aquarium filtration without the hassle of air pumps, valves, tubing, or air stones. Now there are new features, new sizes, increased flow rates, and a BIO-Wheel that's up to 50% larger! All this, plus a three-year performance warranty! And of course these superior 3-stage filters still deliver on the standard features that set them apart from all the others?
*The preassembled, quick-change Rite-Size Filter
*Cartridge traps more dirt, removes more impurities, and is color-coded for fast, easy, mistake-proof selection.
*Ready to use with each filter!
*The patented BIO-Wheel Biological Filter eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact. No pumps, valves or tubing required. Never clogs, never needs replacing.