Oceanic BioCube Mini Ultraviolet sterilizer

Oceanic BioCube Mini Ultraviolet sterilizer
Item# soc-uv36011

*Fits BioCube Sizes 14 and 29
*Size: 8"(L) x 2"(Dia.)
*Kills free-floating algae, parasites and harmful bacteria
*Low-voltage ballast and 5 watt bulb ideal for small aquariums
Designe to fit inside the aquarium, the Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer attaches directly to the built-in BioCube pump for ease of setup and use.
Ultraviolet sterilization is an effective method for controlling harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and parasites that can build up within an aquarium.
water passes through the sterilizer where contaminants are neutralized via exposure to ultraviolet light.
The result is consistantly healthier and clearer aquarium water.