ViaAqua Poly-Reactor (Multi-Media Reactor) - 30/30

ViaAqua Poly-Reactor (Multi-Media Reactor) - 30/30
Item# sra-va730181

ViaAqua Poly-Reactor (Multi-Media Reactor) - 30/30
Equipped ready to use
Variable flow water pump
Pump rated at 100gph @ 5W
Intake and output tubing
Easy twist off top
Use in-sump or hanging external
Sediment discharge filter

Capacity: 50-200 gal. tank
Dimension: 5.5in. W x 23.5in. H

The ViaAqua Poly-Reactor is used for a number of different applications: phosphate resins, phosphate sponge, activated carbon, nitrate sponge and other resin filtering media. When the ViaAqua Poly-Reactor is used with activated carbon, a higher flow pump can be used.

ViaAqua Poly-Reactor Multi-Media Reactor is built with high quality acrylic and an easy to remove lid with a recessed o-ring. The reverse water flow design eliminates water channeling through the filter media thus efficiently utilizing filtering media. ViaAqua Poly-Reactor comes complete and ready to run with a pump and all plumbing parts. It is designed to be installed either in-sump or hang on the tank.