Coralife Turbo Twist Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Coralife Turbo Twist Ultraviolet Sterilizers
*Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizers are the most efficient devices for ultraviolet sterilization on the market today.
*They feature a quartz glass sleeve with a PL compact fluorescent UV lamp surrounded by a revolutionary "Turbo-Twist" flow design to increase dwell time, which in turn increases efficacy. Continuous ultraviolet sterilization of your water eliminates single-cell algae for crystal-clear aquariums and also eradicates most harmful microorganisms on the initial pass through the chamber.
Its triple-treatment time fully utilizes all the available UV output of the lamp and ensures that disease-causing pathogens cannot reproduce, thus decreasing the possibility of a disease outbreak in your system. Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizers have been designed for use in all freshwater and saltwater aquatic systems.

Available Three Sizes.

1.Turbo Twist 3X 9W U.V( up to 125 gal.)
2.Turbo Twist 6X 18W U.V( up to 250 gal.)
3.Turbo Twist 12X 36W U.V (up to 500 gal.)