Tunze Osmolator Universal Auto Top-Off

Tunze Osmolator Universal  Auto Top-Off
Item# tuosun31

Tunze Osmolator Universal  Auto Top-Off
TUNZE OSMOLATOR UNIVERSAL 3155 - auto top-off system

Water level regulator with two sensor holding devices, extension and numerous fastening accessories. It is suitable for cabinet filter plants in TUNZE Comline filters or on the edge of the sump.

This osmotic regulator can also be used in TUNZE SYSTEM cabinet filter plants. The sensors can be stuck to glass surfaces or can be fitted directly to the edge of the tank.

In 1983 already, TUNZE Aquarientechnik introduced the first water level regulator (Osmolator) to aquarism. TUNZE Aquarientechnik has developed a new generation of osmotic regulators with static and compact sensors in IR technology for constant water level regulation in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It ensures osmotic stability in freshwater and saltwater aquariums by precisely and regularly compensating the evaporated water.

Metering pump capacity: 2.95ft: 13.74gph, 4.92ft: 12.42gph, 6.56ft: 7.13h, Hmax: 7.22ft

Delivery condition: Ready for mounting with power supply unit, metering pump, hose, sensor holding device. Metering pump capacity: 0.9 m: 52 l/h, 1.5 m: 47 l/h, 2 m: 27 l/h, Hmax: 2.2 m

(1) The precise water level is ensured by a non-wearing optical sensor and a transistor switch without any moving parts. This sensor is insensitive to soiling, light or magnetic fields.

Its “automatic eye” recognises the water level precisely, even small waves or level variations cannot irritate the unit.

(2) An independent safety sensor with a separate power supply circuit and relay control ensures reliable overflow protection.

(3) An electronic time controller and current limiter for the pump connected result in a higher operational safety. This unit protects the metering pump against running dry and reports an empty storage container.

(4) All functions are clearly displayed by LEDs; safety messages are also indicated by acoustic signals.

(5) The osmotic regulators are all operated at safety extra-low voltage.

What's in the Box
instruction manual
ac adaptor
6 ft tubing
metering pump
float sensor
electronic water level sensor
sensor mounting hardware