Vertex RX-Z 3.0 Zeolith Media Reactor

Vertex RX-Z 3.0 Zeolith Media Reactor
Item# vtxz30

Vertex RX-Z 3.0 Zeolith Media Reactor
Zeolite-based probiotic filtration has gained a strong following over recent years and rightly so. By utilizing the nutrient processing traits of selective bacteria strains as well as a substrate facilitative to their metabolic needs, Zeolite-based probiotic filtration effectively creates Ultra Low Nutrient (ULN) conditions that most closely mimic reef environments. Vertex™ Rx-Z Reactors make bringing the advantages of this methodology home to your reef easier than ever.

Concept Vertex™ Zeolite Reactors feature dual chambered agitators to effectively eliminate jamming and reduce wear. Further to that the combination of angular water injection as well as concave shape of the inner base facilitates a Circular motion inside the bottom Chamber. This in return will reduce the channeling-effect and makes for an even distribution of flow through all slots of the perforated plate.

Operation and Maintenance Rx-Z reactors have been designed with ease of use in mind. The acrylic lid settles into a seated O-ring, allowing for leak-free seal and effortless removal. Base-mounted pump design readily detaches from the unit via an uncoupling of the true union ball valve. Onboard Dosing-port makes liquid dosing of probiotic additives effortless while making them directly available to the bacteria inside the reactor. Rx-Z reactors can be fully disassembled for thorough maintenance.

Construction Reliable and functional design, assembled with high quality Acrylic, PVC lid and base for a more durable design, quality fittings and Titanium Screws displays quality as well as elegance. All parts are processed in-house utilizing precise CNC machines for better quality and consistency throughout the whole unit.

Exclusive Features
Quality Acrylic construction for long life
Robust PVC base and Lid
PN16 fittings
Built-in check valve for on/off cycles
True Union Ball Valve adjustment and uncoupling
Rubber-capped onboard Dosing-Port
Dual Chamber Design
Titanium Screws
PVC Welded joints for maximum durability
Reliable Eheim™ Pumps

3.0 Liter Capacity
23" Height
6" Chamber Diameter
6.7" x 9" Foot Print
Eheim Compact 1000 Pump